What are Affirmations? How do they work?

An affirmation is a statement that you make to yourself. It’s something positive that you say out loud to yourself. You tell yourself things like “I’m great”, “You’re amazing” or “I love myself”. They may sound silly at first, but if you really think about them, they become true statements. The reason why we believe these kinds of statements is because our subconscious mind thinks that what we are saying is true. And since this part of your brain controls everything else, it becomes easier for us to believe in these affirmations.

When you hear someone telling themselves affirmations, they are usually repeating them out loud so that their subconscious mind hears them. This way, when they go into sleep mode, they continue believing those things. When you repeat affirmations to yourself, you’re basically repeating them in your head. So if you want to use affirmations effectively, you should start thinking as much as you speak.

In order to get the most out of affirmations, here are some tips.

1) Start with small ones. If you don’t know how to write affirmations yet, try writing down one sentence that says “I am happy.” Then, add another sentence that says “I feel good.” Finally, add another one that says “I am grateful.”

2) Make sure that you are speaking positively. Don’t talk negatively about yourself. For example, if you were having trouble getting up early in the morning, you could say “I am going to wake up every day at 7am.” Instead of saying “I hate waking up early,” you would say “I am excited to wake up every day.”

3) Focus on your strengths. You should only focus on your own strengths, and not on weaknesses. For example, instead of saying “I am bad at math,” you would say “Math is my strength.”

4) Keep track of your progress. Write down each affirmation that you say. That way, you’ll see which ones worked best for you. Also, record how many times per week you say them. Try doing this for two weeks. After that, you can decide whether to keep using them or change them up.

After doing this for several weeks you will notice a definate change in your life.