How To Show Love To A Words Of Affirmation Person

Saying kind things to people is a powerful way to show love. A lot of people get so focused on getting their own thing done that they forget about supporting others.

Words of affirmation are one such tool. When you feel like something isn’t going your way, why not try saying how wonderful it is or how smart you think someone is?

You can say these things to anyone — even if you don’t know them very well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about someone in public or to someone who has got you down, words of validation make a difference.

It may be helpful to remember that most people feel insecure at times. When you can boost their self-confidence, they will do better work and have happier relationships.

And while might tone seems neutral, some statements could have more impact than others. “Wow, what an incredible dancer you are!” may make someone feel good but probably won’t change how they perceive you as a person. On the other hand, “Why don’t we go out for coffee this week?” sets up a plan and boosts confidence.

Here are some tips for using words of affirmation effectively.

Make plans and invite people along

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

If you want to show love for someone, then make sure they know it!

Inviting people out is a great way to start showing your loved one some love. You can do this by having them meet you somewhere or going to their home or place of work.

Ask if they would like to do something with you today, maybe go shopping together, have lunch, or just be alone time.

If they agree, then plan a activity that will both of you enjoy and that they will appreciate. This could be watching a movie, reading a book, doing something active, or even just hanging out and talking.

Keep asking how their day was and what they were up to until you not only learn about their life but also feel more connected to them.

Ask for people’s opinions

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

It is very common to feel stressed out and overwhelmed in this world, especially with all of the commitments that you have. There are so many things that you need to do every day — work, family, friends, community members, your faith, etc. Add to that feeling like there is never enough time and it can be overwhelming trying to prioritize what needs to get done next.

Some people may go through their lives without ever really understanding how important other people are to them. They may not know what makes someone “tick” and thus they fail to motivate themselves or others around them. This goes beyond just thinking about yourself and giving praise, but knowing how to show love to a words of affirmation person requires asking questions, paying attention, and doing things that make them happy.

Ask those who care about you how they perceive you. Are they talking highly of you? Is everyone saying good things about you? Or is there a few people who talk negatively about you? Take notes!

Does anyone seem more invested in you than another person? Does one person value you more than another close friend or colleague? If you want to see if there is something going wrong, try asking why they think the way they do instead of assuming everything is okay.

Keep an eye on how they respond when you ask them about these things. You will also learn more about them by listening to how they answer.

Make happy memories with them

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

One of the biggest reasons why people keep certain individuals around is because those individuals make them feel good about themselves.

People who love you will try hard to show you that you are wonderful, so that makes you feel better about yourself.

This can be done through telling you how much they admire you, or showing you just by being you.

Words of affirmation are a great way to start off this process.

It’s not only fun to listen to these words, it also helps you build your self-confidence.

Making memories with your loved one is another easy way to show their importance to you.

If possible, try to do something that both of you have never done before. This could mean going out for coffee or taking an unexpected trip together.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it does not cost too much money! (Eating pizza while watching TV is totally fine.

Be consistent

Letting someone know you appreciate them goes beyond saying pretty things and giving them gifts or compliments, it is staying up with them for significant times and showing persistent interest in their well-being.

This can be done through conversations, activities they like, questions asked about them, etc. This way, your words have meaning and people notice this difference.

Everyone experiences different levels of love at different times, but making an effort to show constant love is what really matters.

It does not matter how much money you have, if you never speak to each other then you do not care about one another. You will feel that love is missing even when there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise.

So try being more active with the person, go out together once a week, meet for drinks after work, whatever makes them happy. They will feel loved and appreciated!

Disclaimer: The below suggestions are great ways to help improve your relationships. Try these tips while also keeping yourself separate from the situation. Sometimes our actions have unexpected effects.

Relationships take time to build so don’t get too frustrated if nothing happens right away. Keep trying though as most likely, your attempts won’t succeed immediately. But keep going, eventually something will change and you both will realize that you deserve all the good things in life.

Give reassurance

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

One of the easiest ways to show love to someone is by giving them verbal affirmation or praise. You can do this for any person, not just for those that you care about, but it really does make a difference in their day!

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without hearing compliments. We all need positive feedback, especially when we work hard to achieve something. Having these conversations makes a big difference in your relationships — even if you don’t feel like talking at the time.

When you realize how important it is in the context of friendship and relationship building, you should try to fit some time into your schedule to say things to people. It will cost you nothing and may change lives for the better.

Give credit where it is due and acknowledge good actions with applause and acknowledgement. If someone has done something special for you, take note of it and tell them why it made an impression on you.

Ask for reassurance

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

One of the easier ways to show love to someone is by asking them if they know what you’re talking about. If they do, ask whether they agree with you or not as well as how they would go about doing it.

This way, their response doesn’t have to be just “yes” or “no,” because you’ve asked them something more substantial. You can also learn more about them through this process!

Another good idea is to ask if there’s anything they’d like to talk about. This allows them to bring up things they feel are important without feeling forced into it.

Let them know how much you appreciate them

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

It’s not enough just to like someone, you have to show your love for them.

We sometimes forget that it takes more than just having a good feeling about somebody to see they are doing well. When they succeed or achieve something, we should let them know!

When their colleagues or friends congratulate them on their success, why don’t they tell them what an excellent person they are? Why don’t they praise them in private as well?

It would be such a nice surprise when they find out! If they asked you, then you could say “I had no idea,” but if you didn’t then you can do some research and learn what qualities people with successful relationships seem to share.

You could also look into things like motivational speaking so you can add this skill to yours.

Tell them you love them

how to show love to a words of affirmation person

It’s hard to tell someone that they mean a lot to you, but it is very important. If you want them to know that you care about them, then show them by telling them every day or at least once a week.

You can say “I admire your work” or “I appreciate how hard you have worked”, but if you really wanted to show off how much you care, then try saying something like “I think so highly of you because __________.”

The missing word should be their name.