How To Write A Letter Of Affirmation For A Friend

When you want to tell someone that they are great, know them well, and/or compliment their achievements, write an affirmation letter! An affirmation letter is a formal or informal note that reiterates what you already know about your friend and makes a bold statement- with proof.

This article will help you craft a powerful affirmation letter for any situation. To make it easier for you, we have broken down the process into steps. Check out our easy step by step instructions here!

Step No 1) Know Your Enemy

Before you start writing, take some time to recognize what types of things may be making your friend feel less than perfect. This can be anything from negative comments about their work style, to criticisms of how they handle relationships.

By being aware of these factors, you will have more insight as to why she may be feeling low self-confidence. Once you do, you can choose to address those issues in a positive way or give her kudos for his accomplishments.

Reminder: If this is a person who has a tendency to overreact to situations, try to keep your words calm and level.

Creating your own letter of affirmations

A well-written, thoughtful letter of affirmation is a lovely gift that can be given to anyone. You can even do it yourself!

You will need to think about what qualities you admire in your friend and try to describe these qualities in a positive way. Then, you can use those qualities to write an encouraging sentence or statement. You can also include some examples of how your friend has displayed these qualities in the past.

Your words should be written with love so make sure to be careful with language that may not be appropriate. Never say things like “stop being such a jerk” or “you are always…” because this could hurt their feelings.

Instead, choose mild statements that emphasize the same traits as your friend does. For example, you might want to suggest that your friend needs to work on his/her communication skills or tell them directly how they irritate you.

Sample letter of affirmations

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

Let us look at some examples!

Dear (name),

(Nod politely as you read this) Wow, what an amazing message you have given here! You mentioned how your friend sometimes puts themselves down and then feels worse about it. I think that is very true for most people at one time or another.

I know from experience that when we put more value on our own experiences and knowledge, we can become too focused on ourselves. That’s totally normal and even healthy at times, but if we are careful we can recognize those signals when it becomes excessive.

It may be because they feel like they aren’t good enough yet and so they keep looking longer and harder to find someone who is better than them. It may be due to fear – of making a mistake, of not being able to perform their job well, of failing. All of these things can make it hard for them to believe that they could actually succeed and belong to an exclusive group of people with certain skills.

This can cause lots of stress which only makes them work harder to prove everyone wrong and show just how worthy they are. This can go on and on until they get tired and give up.

That will never help them achieve their goal of believing in themselves and having confidence in their abilities. They will always be aware of there being something else out there they “should” do instead of doing the thing they want to do.

Writing an affirmation for your friend

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

Even if you don’t know what to say about your friend, you can write a short letter telling them how much you admire their personality or behavior, or how you think they are doing a good job.

You could mention something like “I have always admired your tenacity in pursuing your dreams.”


“It was so great seeing you at my party last week.”

If there is anything you feel your friend needs from you, this is a nice way to ask them. You can also tell them how you will no longer get the same feeling when they are not present by mentioning that.

Tell your friends about the letter of affirmations

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

Let your friend know that you have written a letter of affirmation or goal setting message for them. If they would like, they can read their own version of the letter and see if it helps them in their quest.

This is an excellent way to help another person find success and self-confidence. By doing this, you will also be giving them some tips for improving their life and helping them grow.

It is never wrong to offer advice to someone. Even if you do not agree with their decisions, saying something positive about them can only benefit them. It may inspire them to change certain behaviors, or show them how to improve what they are already doing.

Does anyone ever say things that make others feel bad? I doubt very much! Sometimes though, there are things people do that hurt other people. In these cases, it is better to stay silent than to add more negativity to their lives.

If you believe that your friend could use some inspiration or motivation, write a letter of encouragement for them.

Be consistent

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

Letting someone know that you appreciate them or are affirmations they have shared with you will help them feel better about themselves. Make sure your letter is written consistently, using formal tone and grammar.

Start by writing how to write a sentence to praise another person’s good qualities. Then, add a few more paragraphs to elaborate on why the other person deserves this compliment.

Include examples from both past and present experiences to show how the other person has demonstrated their worth. Use appropriate language and emphasize important traits such as self-confidence, respectfulness, and honesty.

Once completed, send the letter via email or handwritten note. If you are not able to send it electronically, then at least call or meet up with the recipient so you can personally express gratitude.

The power of positive thinking

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

A letter of affirmation is one of the greatest ways to boost your friend’s confidence in themselves or their career. It can be writing an email, making a call, or doing something more formal like putting together a business proposal or thesis statement for an argument.

Whatever form it takes, the key ingredient that makes a difference is positivity. In this case, you are choosing what to say about her/him so clearly there is a negative element (no one else seems to feel the same way she/he does) so you turn those assumptions into thoughts and then think about how much you believe them.

This shifts the mental narrative from doubt to belief and gives you some motivation to do things you’ve been planning to do for a while.

For more tips on writing affirmations, click here

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

When you want to tell someone else about how great they are, use appropriate vocabulary. Make sure your words show that you appreciate their good qualities and emphasize why these traits make them worthy of praise.

You can be very direct with your affirmation, but it is better if you do not say things like “X is wonderful” or “Y is excellent.” These types of statements may seem genuine, but they lack specificity.

Instead, try using adjectives or specific phrases to strengthen your message.

Want to learn to do yoga?

how to write a letter of affirmation for a friend

Let’s say your friend just told you that she is no longer willing to teach beginner classes because she doesn’t feel like her students are learning enough about yoga.

She feels like they are only there to have fun, not to practice their poses properly.

It made her sad so she decided to give up teaching yoga. She thought it was important to save her money so she could focus on studying something else.

Her friends tell her he or she would eventually find someone new to replace her but right now she isn’t feeling very confident in herself as a teacher.

You can probably guess what she needs next — how to be an effective yoga instructor!

That would be great to help her out, wouldn’t it? So here are some tips to write a letter of affirmation for her to use in her job.

Do not start by telling her how wonderful she is as a teacher unless she brings it up first.

This may sound weird, but instead try starting with asking her if there anything she wants to improve as a teacher.