How To Print Affirmation Cards

Printing your own affirmation cards can be fun, creative, and cost-effective. You will need an inkjet printer and paper to make them work, but they are easy to do!

There are several reasons why you should print your own affirmations. First, it gives you complete control over what you say and where you place these messages.

You can create simple, motivational statements or elaborate ones that really emphasize positive thinking. This is perfect if you want to add some inspiration to your day!

Second, printed affirmations are much less expensive than buying pre-made ones. It is very common to find cheap pre-packaged books of affirmations at a store, but many people don’t like how dry and boring they sound.

By printing your own, you get to creatively write about yourself and tone down the pretentious voice sometimes found in other versions.

This article will teach you how to print your own affirmations so that you can start writing quickly! Read on for more details.

Cut out the shape of the card

how to print affirmation cards

The next step in printing your affirmation cards is to cut out the shape of the card. You can do this using any tool you have, such as a cutting machine or hand cutter. Some printed paper sheets come with pre-made shapes so you do not need to invest in special equipment!

After you have the shaped card, you will want to print onto both sides of the card. On each side of the card, add your affirmation, signature, and title.

Decorate the card

how to print affirmation cards

While it’s not totally necessary, decorating your printed cards is an easy way to make them look more impressive. You can either purchase pre-designed cards or create your own using pictures or quotes that relate to the message of the card.

If you are creating your own cards, try designing them using free design tools such as Adobe photoshop or Microsoft word. Both of these apps have feature where you can add decorations to the cards which you can then edit and re-edit many times until you get the look you want.

Personalize the card

how to print affirmation cards

A very popular way to make gratitude lists is by using an affirmation card. These cards are personal and special, which makes them more effective in helping you create change.

You can use the printed words or pictures on the card as either inspiration or reminders for your daily affirmations. They help you focus on positive thoughts about yourself and your life.

To add some extra fun to this tip, try creating your own set of affirming quotes that fit your lifestyle and personality. Create your own collection so it will continue to grow over time!

These collections are great because you can organize them by category (work, home, etc.) Or you can just sort them chronologically.

Add stamps

how to print affirmation cards

After you have printed all of your cards, it is time to add some final touches. Most people stamp their new affirmation card using an ink pad or pre-made stamped image that says “Live with confidence” or something similar.

You can also use words instead of just a picture. The word choice depends on what you want to say and how well you write!

Stamped images are very helpful because you do not need to include much text. People love feeling that sense of security even more when they look at the word “Confidence” for themselves.

Add glitter

how to print affirmation cards

Glitter is an incredible way to add some spark to your new affirming cards! You can do it as a simple layer, or you can use strong colors and patterns that stand out.

You will need either clear glue or gel glitters- not regular powdery glitters. These are usually done in liquid form and sometimes called metallic glues or glitties.

Once they are dry, add your favorite pictures or designs and then burn these off into the card’s surface. Let them set for at least an hour to really let all of the glitter “stick”.

Add foil

When printing off your affirmation cards, you will need to add an additional element. Most people use plain white paper as that layer, but we can not recommend it!

We suggest using heavy weight card stock or even parchment paper so that the words do not get blurred due to the thickness of the paper. Having this extra piece also helps keep the printed face strong by supporting it.

If you are very careful with your placement and number of sheets, you can even print onto pre-weighted paper rolls! This is helpful since most people have either no access to printers that offer sheet protectors or they just do not have the equipment needed to pull those out.

Practice printing

how to print affirmation cards

When you start doing things like making greeting cards or designing your own, you will need to practice printing so that you are comfortable with it. There are many ways to print off-the-shelf printed material, such as using printers or computer software designed for this purpose.

You can also find free printer friendly resources online or at your local library. By practicing printing out documents and shapes such as circles, you will get more familiar with the equipment!

Practice printing in front of a mirror if possible, someone who will give you feedback, and do not be afraid to try new types of paper, fonts, and colors to see what works well together.

Create a template

how to print affirmation cards

When you are ready to print your affirmation cards, you will first need to create a template. You can do this by either printing some pre-existing affirmations off of the internet or creating your own using Photoshop, Indesign, or another similar drawing software.

In addition to having pretty colors, the fonts used for the affirmations should be motivational and easy to read. A common option is using a simple font like Calvinball or Chisosprite which anyone can easily find and customize.

After that, it’s just a matter of taking all of those signs and putting them in a systematic order. Some people organize their affirmations by position (mental body, emotional body, spiritual body), while others choose to go from external to internal (starting with things like ‘I am grateful for…’ and working his way inside).