How To Make Powerful Affirmations

Creating powerful affirmations is definitely not your average activity. When you begin to add power to your life, things can get tricky.

There are many ways to create an affirmation, but none of them seem totally reliable. Some say using word-for-word spellings is important, whereas others suggest changing or adding parts of the words. Some say using the present tense is more effective than the past, while others believe the opposite.

Many people have success with creating their own personal affirmations and having them flashed in front of their eyes frequently, but what works for one person may not work for another. There’s no universal “algorithm” for creating affirmative statements that work every time.

That said, there ARE some tried and true strategies that have been shown to be successful when it comes to empowering yourself through positive thinking. In this article, we will go over three such strategies. Try out at least one of these on your next self-affirmation exercise!

Strategy #1: The word itself

This is probably the most common way to make an affirmative statement. Simply put the word you want to use as the basis for your affirmation into a sentence and then state the good side of the word. For example, if your affirmation was going to be something like, “I am very intelligent,” then the part before the comma would be “I am intelligence.

Record yourself saying your affirmations

Recording your affirmations can be done in several ways. You can use pre-recorded tapes, apps or software, or you can do it directly into a recording device (like with your voice recorder).

Tapes are one of the most common way to create an affirmation program. There are many companies that produce quality audiobook tapes for just about any topic. They’re usually very cost effective as well!

By listening to these tapes repeatedly, the negative messages will begin to lose their power over you. As we know, negativity can weigh down your mental state so affirmations work by reversing this process.

After creating your tape, listen to it frequently until it becomes second nature. Technically speaking, only need a few minutes of exposure every day to see results.

However, we recommend at least half an hour per week to get the best out of your affirmations.

Practice saying them aloud

how to make powerful affirmations

All too often, people get stuck in a habit of thinking about all the things that they do not have enough time for or do not have money to buy because of poor self-image. Or maybe you’re just not quite sure what your life is supposed to look like so you don’t know how to make it happen.

Whatever the case may be, talking out loud is one of the best ways to strengthen your self-confidence.

You can say your affirmations out loud while walking down the street, at work, before going to sleep, or anywhere else where there is no risk of interruption.

Use positive imagery when saying them

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful way to say an affirmation is by using positive mental images as you state it. When saying your affirmtion, use pictures or experiences that relate to the statement.

For example, if youraffirmation is “I will always be successful in my life”, then instead of saying it like “I will succeed in my life”, use a more elaborate version such as “I will successfully fulfill my responsibilities as a person and student while at the same time achieving my personal goals”.

By adding additional components, you increase the effectiveness of your affirmation. You also emphasize the importance of the word success, which can sometimes get lost in the negative form of the sentence.

This technique can be used for anything — not just self-confidence but confidence in general. The benefits apply beyond self-esteem. By changing the way you talk about yourself, you change how you feel about yourself.

Make them personal

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful affirmation is one that focuses on you as an individual, not something else. For example, saying “I will be rich” or “My life will change for the better soon” would not do much of anything for you unless you work hard to achieve your dreams.

By using my own experiences as an example, I will explain more clearly how making your affirmations more personal can help you.

As mentioned before, all great changes begin with a decision to make a change. After this initial step, the next comes determination, then effort.

But what happens after these are done? Do we get results? Or nothing at all?

It seems like silence follows action. So why don’t we just keep acting? Because we lack motivation!

We need to add a second component to our goal setting process; we must create strong motivations for our decisions and actions. This is where affirmations come in very handy.

Affirmations give us enough reasons to put into practice what we want by stating positive statements about ourselves. By repeating thoughts and words about who we are and what we want, it creates a sense of confidence and self-belief.

This inner strength helps us to motivate ourselves to put in the necessary efforts to reach our goals. It also helps us stay motivated once we have achieved our goal.

There are several types of affirmative statements.

Link them to feelings

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful affirmation is one that is linked to a feeling. When you use this technique, your affirmation should be something like “I will feel strong and confident in my career” or “I will enjoy working today.”

By using a power assertion as an internal cue, it can help you achieve your goal more quickly. By adding emotion to your affirmations, you are creating a mental link between those words and what you want.

Your brain associates emotions with thoughts, so when you add a bit of emotional value to your thought, you increase its effectiveness.

This article will give you some tips for making great career affirmations.

Make them realistic

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful affirmation is nothing more than your truth wrapped in a pretty package. If you say “I will not allow myself to be limited by external forces”, it does not work unless you believe that you have already allowed yourself to be limited by internal and external forces.

So what kind of force could possibly limit you? An example would be when you choose to stay in a situation that is no longer productive for you or when you make an unhealthy decision.

By using affirmations effectively, you are creating mental blocks and limitations through positive thinking. You are saying to yourself: ‘This cannot happen to me’, which creates a sense of confidence and security.

When you add power to your affermation, it becomes even more effective. Yours can be something like: ‘I am confident I will succeed in my career goal this year’ or ‘My family will always put my happiness first’.

Use them when feeling down

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful affirmation is any statement that includes your full name. The word you use as the first letter of each sentence makes up your initial part of the statement. For example, if your affirmed statement was ‘I am wonderful,’ your final word would be ‘wonderful.’

Your affirmation can be a simple positive statement or a more elaborate one. It does not have to make sense, but it should mean something to you.

Power affirmations work because they create internal feelings within you. When you need help with self-confidence or motivation, find an affirmation and repeat it out loud or even think about it before every workout, at night before bed, or whenever you need a boost.

You will get better results if you do this in silence, so let yourself sleep on it before adding the voice component.

Use when trying to motivate yourself

how to make powerful affirmations

A powerful affirmation is any statement that contains what we want, in which to put some effort into obtaining. For example, if you wanted to know how to relax, an effective way to help you learn this relaxation technique is by defining a good relaxed person or definition of relaxed. You could then use that as a powerful affirmation to tell yourself every day.

This would be an appropriate affirmation for people who feel stressed out and need help relaxing. Using affirmations can also aid in learning new skills due to their ability to increase brain function.