How To Make Affirmation Memes

Creating your own affirmation can be fun! In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to make your own personal affirmations that you can use for motivation or to change behavior.

Affirmations are powerful tools that work by changing how you feel about yourself and your surroundings. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you increase your confidence and help achieve your goals.

You can create your own affirmations easily using the word “I” and then adding a statement followed by an equal sign and then what you want to focus on.

For example, my new affiramtion is “I am beautiful just as I am.”

The first part is the preposition (or verb) and it is used to describe who or what you are saying the affirmation applies to. In this case, it applies to you so it is referred to as the subject.

Next comes the main body of the affirmation which is one long sentence. In this case our affirmed message is two short sentences connected by a semicolon.

Then there is the conclusion which is also a complete thought. This time though, we add another short sentence highlighting the same thing as the second half of our previous affirmation.

Finally, there is the rewording or revision process where you can back-formate the affirmation or choose from similar statements in the dictionary.

Create your meme

After you have gathered some inspiration, it is time to start creating your affirmation meme! Pick an area of your life that needs extra encouragement, or create a new message for a pre-existing one.

The easiest way to begin is to pick a topic and then add “I am __________” as a prefix to the word “Why.” For example, if your moody self need constant motivation, you could say I am a motivated person.

Then, describe what makes you feel this way– how you earned your position as most passionate about something, how you got through times before when you didn’t feel very strong, and how you learned to appreciate those moments because you are now in the state of passion consistently.

Your why can be anything – why you like dancing, why studying medicine is important, why you believe in certain things, etc. The more specific yours is, the better!

Now, take your reason and reverse it. Why not? You are probably already aware of the benefits of being motivated, so find a picture or two to illustrate that.

Once you have found your why, make it bold and bright! Use enough contrast to see it well, and use a good amount of font size. Add some decorations if you want! (But no too many, otherwise it looks messy.

Personalize it

how to make affirmation memes

A lot of people use affirmation memes online, but few take time to personalize their messages to make them mean something specific to you.

Make sure your message is about you! Add in some information about yourself so that the reader can connect with you. This way, the message comes from a more authentic place.

Your name is important to include. It will give your readers insight into who you are as a person.

Add in things like where you’re from or what you believe in to add some context to the message. Yours could be different than most other people’s – that’s okay!

Interpret the words in the message and how they relate to you for an even deeper effect. For example, if the message mentioned my before and afters, yours might be family members I lost or memories I cannot seem to shake.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make affirmations online.

The power of affirmations

how to make affirmation memes

A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about wellness psychology and mindfulness. People were talking about how you can use positive thinking to treat mental health conditions like anxiety or depression.

Now we have another term for this: affirmation therapy.

Affirmations are just a more formal way to apply the same concepts behind mindfulness. Instead of thinking about what you want, you instead think about what you do not want.

By replacing negative thoughts with negative statements, you increase your level of self-confidence and psychological wellbeing.

There is some evidence that affirmational therapies can be very effective in treating certain conditions. For example, studies show that using affirmative statements can help people deal with stress and anxiety.

But even if they work less effectively, it’s still worth trying out because they are much simpler to do than meditation.

This article will go through several easy ways to make affirmation memes. They don’t take too long to do, but they can add some spark to your day.

Tips for creating affirmations

how to make affirmation memes

A few tips if you are struggling to create your own affirmation designs or want to take your avant-garde creativity one step further, here are some things that can help!

Affirmations can be fun! If you don’t feel like designing your own, there are many free online tools where you can search and add components of an affirmation (or even write your own).

There are also lots of easy ways to make your own inspiration from around us every day, such as pictures with positive messages or statements and then adding special effects and colors to emphasize the message.

Tips for personalizing them

how to make affirmation memes

A very popular way to make an affirmation is by creating your own version! This can be done by yourself or you could get help from others through writing your own version of the affirmations.

The only thing that seems difficult about this technique is knowing what statements apply to you. So, how do you work around that?

Your first step should be to take some time to think about things that made you feel good in your life. These might be related to career, love, family, etc. Then, create additional affirmations based off of these concepts.

For example, if one of your beliefs was “I will succeed because I am not like my parents,” then your new affirmation would be “I will succeed because I wasnotlike my parents.”

By adding this part, it creates a more specific belief statement that applies only to you as a person.

Examples of affirmations

how to make affirmation memes

Creating your own affirmation can be tricky at first, but you do not need a professional degree in psychology to create them! There are many ways to make sure your affirmations stick and help you achieve your goals.

You can use words or phrases as either an affirmative statement or a negative one. An example of a positive assertion would be my perfect life, whereas a negative one would be I will never feel happy with myself.

Words that emphasize the word “I” are usually more powerful than ones that use the name of person or thing. For instance, instead of saying “I am beautiful,” say “BEAUTIFY ME.” The word “me” is much less limiting than “I.”

There are three basic rules when using affirmations: no negatives, keep it simple, and repeat constantly. When you have completed your affirmation, try saying it out loud and see how it feels for you.

Creating your own affirmations

how to make affirmation memes

A very popular way to use affirmation theory in social media is creating your own personal affinities or slogans. These are called motivational statements or self-affirmations. Yours could be something like “I will make my best effort every day”, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without hard work”, or even your own personal slogan that you have adapted here!

Yourself as well as others can add these motivational statements to your profile, email, chat, and/or message settings. You can also create an app for your phone that allows you to add a motivational quote at any time. This makes it easy to always have this tool ready when needed!

These apps feature a free trial version so you can check out how they work before buying a monthly subscription.

Take a break

how to make affirmation memes

After creating your own affirmation, it is important to give yourself a little break! Creating an affirmations can be fun, but may require you to take some time away from social media to do so.

When you come back later, you will find that you have refreshed your mind and subconsciously incorporated the new thoughts you just created. Plus, you will probably notice your self-confidence has improved as well!

Take this week off of posting messages and pictures about how much confidence you have in yourself. Do not worry about what other people think of your posts – instead focus on how you feel when you put effort into improving your life.