How To Ask For More Words Of Affirmation

A word of affirmation is when someone else tells you about your good qualities or achievements. It can be telling you that you’re smart, encouraging you to pursue your dreams, or celebrating something with you.

Words of affirmation are powerful because they boost your self-confidence and help you feel better about yourself.

They also make you feel happier. A few studies have shown that being given a small amount of praise daily will keep you feeling happy for an hour! That means there’s a very good chance that you’ll find some people giving you their compliments before long.

However, saying goodbye after receiving a compliment could hurt your feelings. If this happens, try not to take it too personally. Instead, use these tips to ask for more words of affirmation.

Let them know that you appreciate their attention

Now, let’s talk about how to ask someone if they want to add more words to your vocabulary.

The first step is to make sure that they realize what they did for you was special. You should definitely give them credit for investing in your learning or discussing ideas with you.

At the same time, however, it may be helpful to acknowledge that there are some things they said that didn’t quite stick. Or perhaps you just weren’t feeling very smart at the moment and needed a break.

Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect and not every word will ring true or have an effect. That’s okay!

It’s totally normal to feel like people don’t take yourself seriously sometimes. It can even hurt your self-esteem a little bit.

That’s why the next thing to do isn’t to worry about whether or not they meant what they said. Instead, try to focus on something that they said that made you laugh.
or say something funny

You’re much more likely to get good feedback when you’re having fun. Plus, a lot of times, a compliment gets lost in translation because of cultural differences. For example, maybe somebody from India doesn’t use the word “effort” as often as we Americans do.

Make a wish list of things you would like them to say

how to ask for more words of affirmation

In order to ask someone to be more positive, it is important to make a list of all the things you want them to tell you. A common starting place is asking about their job or career. You can then move onto bigger questions such as “What are your goals?” or “How do you feel about your manager?”

By creating this pre-list, you will save time by not having to think of these answers yourself! This also helps create conversation, because you get to talk about what you want to know instead of just listening to their answer.

If you’re ever feeling down or need some inspiration, take a look at the lists that others have made and see if there’s anything in there that could help you gain some momentum. There might be something in here that directly relates to you, too.

Ask for more words of affirmation

how to ask for more words of affirmation

It is very common to feel discouraged when you are trying to write or talk about yourself, your career, or what you want.

Most people have a hard time asking others to praise them so it can be tough to gain self-confidence as an author.

However, asking other people to speak highly of you is one of the most effective ways to boost your confidence. This is true not only in professional life but also in social settings like with friends and family.

Asking someone to tell you how great they think you are often times will create silence instead of comments and conversations.

Make an effort to say “I appreciate you saying that” or “I like that you noticed”

how to ask for more words of affirmation

Even if what you heard was not particularly meaningful, it is okay to accept it graciously. If you feel bad about this, your friend will likely understand and let go of their words.

This goes both ways — I may have said something pointless, but still wanted to be acknowledged by you. That makes me feel good!

So try to avoid making comments that could potentially hurt his/her self-esteem, like telling them they are no good or never succeed. (These types of comments can sometimes lead to more negative thoughts or even depression.)

Instead, ask how he/she is doing, compliment their performance, tell them you enjoy seeing them around, and offer to do things together.

Ask what they are doing next weekend

how to ask for more words of affirmation

A word of affirmation is not enough if you don’t do something with it. If you want someone to like you, you have to make them feel wanted or needed, so that they will contribute to your group.

Ask how their day was at work, ask about their plans for the week, and see where these answers take you.

If you get a good response, then give some feedback of your own. But be careful not to overdo it – one too many “You look nice!” comments can backfire quickly.

Alternatively, try asking more direct questions such as “What does he/she do next Saturday?” or “What projects are you working on right now?” This may yield better results because it doesn’t open up the conversation as much, but still gives off a strong message that you are interested in them.

How to Ask For Money

Blend social proofing with hard requests to get money out of people. Social proof means using things like studies or examples to convince others that an action makes sense.

A hard request is asking directly for money without first establishing trust. It could be through talkng about costs, asking how much money you have compared to theirs, or just outright saying “I need $X from you” (make sure to include a reason).

Weigh whether these strategies are appropriate for you depending on the situation and person.

Comment on their outfit

how to ask for more words of affirmation

Comments about their look or expression is a great way to ask if they’re looking forward to something next. If you see someone wearing an interesting shirt or pair of shoes, comment on it to inquire more about what they are planning to do with it.

If you notice that they seem down, ask them how their day was or whether they had any plans today. If they respond by telling you that they slept in and spent most of the time watching TV, ask if there is anything special happening tonight so you can be prepared.

Alternatively, if they tell you that they planned to go out later, suggest some alternatives as ways to spend the rest of the afternoon instead. This might also give you insight into their upcoming moves since you’ll know what they were thinking about.

Ask if they would like to do something else instead to make this another one of those “we” days.

Tell them how you feel

how to ask for more words of affirmation

Let them know that your love for them has been waning for some time now, and it is beginning to hurt you.

It’s hard to say such things, but if you can’t bring yourself to do it, try writing down what you want.

You could even write out a list of everything you have done for them and ask them to read it. Or maybe just tell them directly – in as many words as possible!

If they make a response or two, then you’ve got an opening. You could respond with “Thank you, I appreciate that” or something similar, and then add onto that by telling them why it makes you unhappy.

Make them laugh

how to ask for more words of affirmation

A few simple tricks that writers use to gain momentum in their writing are asking questions, making funny statements, telling stories, and creating anecdotes. Asking open-ended questions can get you lots of words, while closed questions require more effort from your part to produce results.

Making interesting comments draws attention, especially if the other person is talking about something they feel passionate about. Stories are also powerful tools — a story is always told through events that happened before, during, and after what people refer to as the “story line.”

Amina is very serious when she talks, so someone could easily mistake her silence for indifference or even disrespect. But she loves to laugh, and she makes no attempt to hide it. When she does not understand something, she will say something totally out of place with a big grin on her face. This changes how others respond because they have to smile or laugh along.

Her friends know that she is thoughtful and intelligent, which is why they do not take her comment seriously. They chuckle and help her make sense of the concept.

If you want to write an article or try to pitch an idea to create new content, ask yourself how you can be playful and entertaining.