How Many Affirmations Should I Say A Day

A lot of people talk about affirmations, but very few actually do them. More than that, some people try to make their affirmations too complicated or weird.

It is important to learn how to say your affirmation correctly, but it is even more crucial to really mean what you are saying.

Too often we use our affirmations as a way to feel better about ourselves, not necessarily to improve our lives. This can be tricky at times because we may need help figuring out why we feel bad in the first place!

Using affirmations properly should motivate you to work on the things in your life that hold you back. It will also help you find new ways to apply self-confidence.

Group affirmations

how many affirmations should i say a day

A helpful way to use positive thoughts is to create your own personal affirmation. An affirmative statement or phrase means adding strength, confidence, and power to a process or thing. For example, my favorite affirmation for myself is “I will be healthy and fit for life”. My health has improved over the past few years because I have practiced this affirmation.

You can make your own affirmations by writing what you want and then changing it to match how you feel. Let us continue with our example above about being healthier.

My self-affirmation goes like this: “I will be as healthy as possible until I die.”

The reason I add the word possible is because I do not want to put too much pressure on myself to be in perfect health all the time. By saying that I would rather focus on making the best of health than focusing on having perfect health.

This affirmation also includes the word death. I believe that if I were to die today, I would live a happy, well lived life. Because of this, I work towards living as healthily as I can while still enjoying life.

Helpful tips for affirmations

how many affirmations should i say a day

A great way to create consistency in your daily affirmations is by doing it at night before bed. This gives you an opportunity to really focus only on yourself, which can be helpful when you are feeling down or insecure.

A common misconception about affirmations is that they must always be a positive statement. That is not true! You can make a negative affirmation like “I am failing my math class” or a contradictory one such as “Something important happens today.”

The key thing to remember about affirmations is that if you want to see changes occur, you have to believe them.

Examples of affirmations

Saying good things to yourself is a great way to boost your self-esteem and help you achieve your goals. The more you say it, the better. Starting with “I’m worth it” is a nice place to begin!

Saying good things to yourself is a great way to boost your self-esteem and help you achieve your goals. The more you say it, the better. Starting with “I’m worth it” is a nice place to begin!

For example, if you want to run a marathon, you can spend all day every day thinking about how far you have come and how hard you will work to accomplish your goal. Or you can make an affirmation like, “I will run a Marathon today.” or even worse, “I am going to run a marathon this afternoon.”

Neither of these are very powerful statements because they don’t tell you anything beyond saying that you hope you feel motivated to run a mile sometime in the future. They aren’t specific and they lack any kind of action.

Taking control

how many affirmations should i say a day

A lot of people start using affirmations with, “I am healthy” or something similar. While this is nice to say, it doesn’t really do anything. You need to put in some work to see results!

Affirmation should be more than just a catchy saying that you repeat without doing anything else. They should have you doing something related to your daily life so that the mind associates the affirmation with action.

For example, instead of saying, ‘my body is my own‘, try saying, ‘I will take care of my health by eating nutritious foods and exercising’.

You can also add in how much you want to lose weight, what kind of workout you would like to do, and then begin to make those moves for yourself.

By adding in the actions into your day, eventually you’ll connect the words to things and create a lasting change.

Focus on your thoughts

how many affirmations should i say a day

A popular way to create more positive thinking is to add affirmations into your daily life. An affirmation can be a statement or phrase that emphasizes the importance of something. For example, my favorite affirmation is I am enough”.

Affirmations are usually one-word statements that try to emphasize important qualities about yourself. Examples include “strong”, “smart”, “confident”, etc.

You can make your own affinities or you can find ones online or via books. By using this technique frequently, the negative messages in your mind will begin to contradict the affirmative ones.

Positive affirmations

how many affirmations should i say a day

A positive affirmation is when your put into words what you want, or what you are trying to achieve. Yours could be about your job, family, relationship, or anything else that you want to change or improve in your life.

Using our example above, your positive affirmation would be: “I will create success with my writing”

Now that you have your positive affirmation, you need to make sure to repeat it every day for as much time as you plan to work on your writing project.

This can be done anywhere- morning, noon, night – any time of the day is good! You should also do this at least twice a week, if not every few days.

That way, you are still creating strong mental images of success for yourself, even though you may be doing your affirmation less frequently than intended.

How to stop saying your affirmation

If you find that you have lost momentum due to something like having a kid, quitting your job, or whatever else was preventing you from putting your affirmation into action then there are some things you can do.

The first thing you should do is acknowledge why you are no longer saying your affirmation.

Once you have identified the reason, you can choose to simply forget about the effect that has on your writing career. Or, you can look for ways to get around the obstacle so that you don’t really feel the need to say your affirmation anymore.

Negative affirmations

how many affirmations should i say a day

A negative affirmation is one that contradicts or challenges a previous statement. For example, if a person said “I will never speak badly about other people” then a negative affirmation would be “Yes you just did!”

Negative affirmations can also be referred to as self-criticisms or self-talk. The reason they are tricky is because your subconscious mind uses them as a tool for changing how you feel about yourself.

By having enough of them, you can change how you perceive yourself and get into more productive mental patterns. This article has tips for using negatives in your daily life. Read on to learn more!

Disclaimer: Only use these tips if you really want to benefit from saying negs. If you are getting nervous, uncomfortable, or stressed out by this information, give something else a try instead. These strategies should only be used under professional guidance.

Tips for using negatives in your day: don’t overdo it

Some people seem to throw around the word ‘negativity’ too quickly without giving themselves time to process what they have read. This can make them say things they didn’t mean or add more stress than needed.

Try limiting yourself to a set amount of time per day when saying negative thoughts. Letting go of the urge to talk negatively can help reduce the effects it may already have on you.

Also, remember their power comes from within.

Automate your affirmations

how many affirmations should i say a day

Saying an affirmation out loud is definitely one of the most important self-help strategies. But just because it has been shown to be helpful before, that does not mean you should do it every day like a boring thing!

You can easily make having an affirmation routine. All you have to do is create an inspiring statement, put it in a notebook or smartphone app, and then say it as consistently as possible.

This way, your subconscious will feel no need to work too hard to remind you about this new life goal. Plus, you get the benefit of keeping it easy to access at any time.

There are many ways to do this. For example, you could write your affirmation down and then repeat it out loud (this is called verbalization). You could also use a pre-written affirmation, such as “I am successful”, and then add your own personal touches to it.