How Many Affirmations Per Day

A recent trend in self-help is to do less of talking about changing your life and more doing it. More people these days are using the power of affirmations to improve their lives.

Affirmations are positive statements that you say out loud or write down for yourself to believe. You repeat these thoughts frequently, usually twice per day.

Your subconscious mind does not listen to the news, so creating new beliefs becomes possible through mental reprogramming. New beliefs will overwrite old ones as you continually think about them.

Using this technique, you’ll be replacing negative with positive thoughts and experiences. This helps you begin establishing healthy thinking patterns.

There are some who claim that repeating an affirmation daily has unexpected results. Some say that extended use can have unforeseen negatives like anxiety or stress. Others say that it doesn’t work and that trying it simply wastes your time and energy.

This article will talk about the benefits of starting with one affirmation a week and working your way up to every two hours each day. Also, we’ll discuss how to create your own personal affirmations and what kind of messages work best.

Reader discretion advised. We might mention some things from this article outside the parameters mentioned earlier.

I focus on the positive

how many affirmations per day

A little bit of changing your life’s outlook every day is enough to see some significant changes in yourself. You can start with saying “I will do my best today,” or “I will be kind to myself,” or even just taking a few minutes to acknowledge what you have done well recently.

You can also add an affirmation into your daily routine – something like “My success comes from __________________” or “I am confident that ____________ will happen for me soon.”

It doesn’t matter if the statement applies to your work or family life, nor does it need to be very long — a couple of sentences will do the trick.

I should say positive affirmations every day

how many affirmations per day

Even if you are not feeling very happy at the moment, it is still important to add some positivity into your life every day.

Negative thoughts can sometimes drag you down but thinking about how much you like yourself will boost your mood.

You may feel tired or stressed out, but instead of picking up the phone and calling people to tell them what a horrible person you think they are, try looking in the mirror and saying something nice about yourself.

Doesn’t take too much time and can be done anywhere! Also, do not worry about whether what you said was true or false.

The way we perceive things comes from our perception and beliefs. For example, if you believe you are the worst person in the world then you will probably assume that other people feel the same way about you.

This would make you feel even worse than you already do. It is better to focus on things you like about yourself rather than what you could do better.

Your likability will always shine through and influence others around you.

I should only say positive affirmations

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A lot of people add “positivity” to their daily routine, which is great for someone who feels depressed or overwhelmed. They may even add motivational quotes or self-talk that makes them feel better.

However, research shows that this technique isn’t as effective as saying either nothing at all or an affirmation.

A good rule of thumb is one affirmative statement per day – if you start to get too many, drop one and keep going!

Having negative thoughts can be helpful in changing old habits and creating new ones. But having lots of positive thoughts just doesn’t work as well. This article will explain why.

I have a podcast called No Talk Given that talks about how verbalization has power. You can listen here. (Note: The spoken word does not benefit everyone.)

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only. None of what follows is medical advice. Never do anything mentioned here without first talking to your doctor.

Powerful Verbalizations

There are several theories about why verbalizing works.

The most common theory is cognitive. By thinking about something, you change how you perceive it. For example, if you think about the water in the glass, then it seems like there is more water than before.

When you talk about yourself or your life, you are doing the same thing but with less liquid – so it makes it seem like you have less content.

I should say positive affirmations until they become a habit

how many affirmations per day

A lot of people start using affirmations as a way to change their lives, but you have to be careful how many you add per day!

Too much positivity can drown out other more important messages in your mind. This is why it’s best to stick to working with one affirmation every second or third day at the most.

This way, you do not over-stress yourself and the effect that the affirmation has does not suffer. Try sticking to this structure if you want to work with affirmations seriously.

I recommend doing them before bed so that just before sleep, your body receives a message that it is okay to relax and rest.

I should try to say positive affirmations before I go to bed

how many affirmations per day

Between setting goals, creating milestones, and having daily routines, you can easily get distracted trying to achieve your goal every day.

In fact, some days you may even feel like giving up because you don’t know what else you could do to contribute towards your goal.

Don’t worry! You are not alone in this process!

Many people drop out of goal-setting and self-improvement strategies when they run into this challenge.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this! The solution comes in the form of something we call “affirmation.” A lot of theories about success use affirmation as a tool to help you push through mental barriers.

By repeating thoughts and statements either aloud or in your head, you create a dialogue with yourself to motivate you to keep moving forward.

There are several types of affirmations, but my favorite is the negative type. Why? Because they’re more powerful!

Negative affirmations work by taking away whatever reason you might have for failing. If you tell yourself that you will never succeed at something, then it becomes much harder to break down the barrier that keeps you from succeeding.

The thing is, most people fail not because they cannot accomplish their dream, but because they give up. They stop trying because they think they already failed.

I should make a list of affirmations and keep it close to me

how many affirmations per day

Even if you are not sure what will work for you, just starting with one affirmation every day is a great way to begin.

You can make your affirmation a sentence or a statement. If it’s a question, ask yourself how you would like to feel in that situation and then state that you want to feel that feeling.

Your affirmation can be about anything – something dependent (feel better after doing this) or independent (this will help me feel happier). It can be about your career, relationships, health, etc.

By using the power of positive thinking, we can create strong emotional changes in our lives.

I should try to be more positive

how many affirmations per day

A lot of people make the argument that we create our own reality, and by having enough positivity in your life, you will create a happier state of mind. This theory is known as the “positive thinking” or “affirmation” school of psychology.

By this logic, if you keep thinking about all the things you have to do, how much money you need to make, and how bad you are at dancing, then you will become less stressed out and focused on making changes.

This doesn’t necessarily work. While it may help some people, it can also prove to be harmful for others. The truth is, whether the theory works or not depends on what you want from your life.

If you want to win the lottery, telling yourself every day that you’ll never buy a lotto ticket is probably going to hinder your goal. You could feel very good about yourself while rejecting offers to play the game, but who’s to say you won’t give in and purchase a ticket later?

On the other hand, if your dream is to write a book, spending most of your time thinking about the benefits of writing might distract you from doing so.

I should try to be more optimistic

how many affirmations per day

After reading my article about how to motivate yourself, one of the main points I made was that you should add as many affirmations into your life as possible.

I mentioned that having lots of positive thoughts in your mind is a great way to boost your confidence and inspire you to do things. You can make these affirmations easy to say or make them fun and catchy.

You can even write out short sentences so that you can recite them easily. All of these ways help you focus on just giving yourself some praise!

But what if you’re running out of ideas for new affirmations? That’s okay! We have an excellent tip for you here. Just pick three important people in your life and think about all the good things you know they exist for.

“My best friend is _________________. He/She makes me feel happy when I’m down and helps me achieve my goals.”

That’s enough inspiration to start with! Now let us discuss why this strategy will not work.

1) This won’t improve your mood quickly – it takes time to change your perception of the world through repeated thinking patterns. So instead of adding another affirmation to your list, choose to strengthen an old one by replacing “my best friend is [name]” with “I like being around [name]”. Or use their opposite instead: “I don’t like being around [name] so I will try to avoid them today.